Surreal Paintings

The Memory of Home
26x26 | SOLD
The Visit
20x40 | SOLD
The Delay of Winter
39 x 39 | SOLD
25 x 57
Memory of the Early Morning
18 x 52 | SOLD
19 x 32 | SOLD
16x24 | NFS
32x32 | Commission
Recollections of Winter
17x33 | SOLD
Waiting for Autumn
20x20 | SOLD
Forever Arriving
24x24 | SOLD
Escaping the Memory
18x31 | SOLD
Memory of the Late Afternoon
24x48 | SOLD
The Obscurity of Night
24x24 | SOLD
The Quiet Memory
18x24 | SOLD
20x24 | SOLD
Old Man and The Must See
16x24 | SOLD
Harvest Moon
25x35 | SOLD
Crescent Moon
16x24 | SOLD
Inner Light
36x60 | SOLD
36x54 | SOLD
A Year of Sleep
19x19 | SOLD
In the Care of Knowing
16x46 | SOLD
Summer Morning
16x20 | SOLD
The Departure of Spring
22x36 | SOLD
The Arrival of Autumn
16x20 | SOLD
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September 12
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